Collection: Glitter the Unicorn goes to the Beach

Follow Glitter the Unicorn and Ellie on their next adventure under the sea....wonderful story of friendship, adventure, mermaids and sea creatures.

In their next adventure, Glitter the Unicorn and her best friend Ellie go to the beach to play with their favorite Bounce Ball. The ball bounces into the ocean and is taken by a Queen. Glitter and Ellie are sad until a Princess Mermaid appears and turns them into a sea horse and a mermaid. The Princess Mermaid helps them swim through the ocean and find the Bounce Ball while discovering the cave of crystals, friendly sea creatures, and much more.
Glitter the Unicorn goes to the Beach has won the Silver Moonbeam Children's Book Award, Two Royal Dragonfly Awards as well as a Purple Dragonfly Book Award.